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Origin Cranes provide crane rigging services such as steel erection and machinery relocation across Noosa, Caloundra and Gympie.

Do you need a team of seasoned crane rigging experts? Origin Cranes is ready to work on your site in Caboolture, Maleny and throughout North Brisbane. We have several mobile heavy lift cranes, which are perfect for crane rigging and steel erection services. Origin Cranes has over 20 years of experience offering crane rigging to commercial, residential and government clients. Our mobile crane services come in handy when you require steel erection, machinery relocation and industrial electrical and plumbing assistance. If you require crane rigging services in Noosa, Maleny, Caloundra, Gympie and surrounding areas, give Origin Cranes a call today.

We offer steel erection services and machinery relocations across the Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Maleny and beyond.

Our steel erection services come in handy for contractors that are working on large steel constructions and need to lift scaffolding, install a truss or secure a pre-engineered building.

If your machinery is not mobile, then you are going to need to turn to us for one of our mobile heavy lift cranes. We help contractors and industrial facilities with machinery relocations. We can create the rigging, secure it to our cranes and lift them to another location across Caloundra, Noosa, Caboolture, Maleny and across North Brisbane.

If you have large, heavy machinery that needs to be relocated, contact Origin Cranes today. It takes a skilled crane operator with the right heavy lift machinery to move it without causing any damage.


Our crane rigging can help you with your industrial electrical and plumbing project on site across Caboolture, Caloundra and Noosa.

Our crane rigging services may also be useful to industrial electricians and plumbers. If you need to move pipes, culverts, power poles, light installations or cable drums, Origin Cranes is at your service. These materials are too heavy to lift on your own, but our hydraulic heavy lift cranes are perfect for the job. We will create the right crane rigging and use the best machine to do the job on your site in North Brisbane, Maleny, Gympie or beyond.

Contact Origin Cranes to learn more about our crane rigging services available across Maleny, North Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and beyond.

Origin Cranes offers a wide of crane rigging services to customers throughout Caboolture, North Brisbane and other parts of the Sunshine Coast. Please don’t hesitate to call and get a free quote on our crane rigging services today.


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